Sunday, 23 November 2008

Bonnie Blue Who?

Reporting from Whoville (in her bonnie blue coat), where there is almost 2 inches of snow depressingly melting away. It has been snowing for the majority of yesterday and until noon-ish today, as part of a Winter Mix spanning the east side of Britain, and it has just all been far too exciting, but I won't whitter on about it.

Unfortunately, I cannot blame the snow for 41 days without blogging. There have been a couple (or 194 1/2) other things keeping my attention, so this will be a feeble attempt to capture some of the big ones:
Well, the last week in the US was just manic... We will leave it at that for now. BUT, it should be noted that neither of my suitcases coming back was overweight! Well, actually one was, but I cleverly went to a blank scale at JFK and fiddled things around so they were both under :)

An amusing (if you are mad, as I am) thing was learned on the return trip as well. If one is transporting Mrs. Meyer's organic liquid fabric softener in one's luggage, one should make sure that a bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol is not wedged next to the cap end. What happens is that the lid comes off the Tylenol (which capsules are RED) and then the cap of the fabric softener is punctured and then all of your clothes are pink. Although, they do smell really nice if you had purchased the Geranium scent, which is just lovely!
31st Norwich Beer Festival (but only my first NBF to work) -- E was named Steward of the Festival on the last night (possibly because he worked 109 hours from Sunday to Sunday, and was also judged responsible enough to be put in charge of a stewarding team on the second day of the festival!). He was part of Team Tango, which is thus called because stewards wear orange shirts when on duty.

BonnieBlue was only part of Team Tango on the Saturday night, since my other two nights not as a punter (aka, a member of the general public -- I have no clue as to the linguistic reasons for this term), I served. Beer and ale, that is. (a picture to R is me resting m'weary legs after 5 hour shift after work and to L is Slayer's team -- Slayer was my team leader at the GBBF this summer and did not think me enough of a muppet to not want me to steward on his team again.). After the festival is over, all the people who worked it have a fairly large (yet sedentary since you are pretty wiped) party. It is pretty cool to be in St. Andrews Hall (this huge medieval priory hall) for a party with 40 or so people :)

Fabulously, I was also able to introduce some more Americans to the concept of massive beer festival since they were visiting us (as in the 'Us' from work) as part of a University-sponsored trip! (Facebookers can find some fun photos in Courtney's 'Damn Yankees' photo album. If the link works, that is...). Hoorah for intercultural edumacation!
At the end of the Beer Festival, it became clear (through the remarkable insight of my friend, Sadie) that it was actually going to be pretty stupid for me to pay December rent for the 4 whole days and nights that I will actually be here before heading out on my little jaunt Stateside. And at £112-ish per night for those 4 days, I wouldn't even be able to order room service hot chocolate and extra pillows. So, just in case I didn't have enough to think about, plan, or crochet, E is helping me move (a little bit after work every day) for what is apparently technically the sixth time since he has had the misfortune of being part of my mad schemes. He is to be commended for his long-suffering and patience. I have a lot of yarn. He has had to sacrifice the organ....

There has been (in conjunction with planned move) a growing need to destroy the British Telecom Company as they are all a bunch of blood-sucking heathens (but I shall whinge at length about that another time).
Then The Dreaded Lurgy struck. And stuck. I have had a chest cold for 3 weeks now, and while perhaps it would help me be a piano bar singer, my lack of vocal tonic ability(other than the kind with Hendricks and a bit o' cucumber) kind of lessens the potential of success. E has now begun to hack and moan, despite his strong Irish genes.
We have had two loooovely sets of visitors the last two weekends, too!

Firstly, E's mam and his aunt, Sister Mary, came and we had a lovely weekend of eating and looking at churches and drinking tea and eating some more :) We went to Walsingham on the Sunday in the wind of the century and wandered around a bit.

Then, E's best man and his wife visited last weekend and we pootled some more. I have the cunning plan of luring them away from London, and they do not seem opposed to becoming Norfolkers (titter).

Apparently, there are photos still on my camera that need filling in, so maybe I can do that as a post-Thanksgiving update. Unless I don't... :)

This weekend, we are preparing for Eamonn to cook his second Thanksgiving dinner (I think that any doubters of his sincerity can take this as another sign of good character). He is even taking the day off work on Thursday to prepare (I'm not even doing that)! Shockingly, it is not a holiday here.