Monday, 13 October 2008

Super Duper!

Don't let Bear tell you that I never take him anywhere.

Admittedly, he has travelled across all four US time zones in the last, oh, 4 weeks or so, but your correspondent has not been focussed, organised, or mentally generous enough to share any of the humourous observations she has made (such as 'enjoying' being back in the South, where it is perfectly acceptable to list your nickname -- 'Catfish' -- on your political candidate billboard; or locating a free-range Carribbean island town in Spring Valley, NY; or visiting sweltering Moscow, TX).

However, it doesn't get much more thrilling than driving through Fairfield, CT and locating a culinary gem thanks to a VERY large interstate billboard on I-95. Super Duper Weenie is actually one of the top 10 places in the US to indulge in hotdog consumption, and it must be said that my tummy did enjoy its New Englander and crispetty non-greasy fries today. Their iced tea, though, is not quite up to my high Southern standards, but that can be forgiven.

Perhaps we shall share more of our recent adventures imminently, but for the moment, I must get back to my new amusing activity: crocheting as many little white pinwheels as possible while watching endless episodes of Law and Order (original, CI or SVU -- whichever one is on of an evening).